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Today, I am sitting down to write the first post to my first blog.

There is something special about firsts in life, and I’ve had plenty of those this past year.

First, this is my first year being married, which brings its own firsts – first kiss, first ring, first… 🙂

I’ve never been a very brave person, so many of my firsts this year were a bit intimidating – first time shooting a gun, driving an ATV, snow boarding, canoeing on a river, driving a tractor, etc.

Other firsts were fun –  baking bread, seeing pronghorn, cutting a Christmas tree, trying wine, watching Lord of the Rings, wading in a lake, catching a lizard, drinking an Italian soda,  getting my first Guernsey cow, crawling through a cave, tasting coffee, making my own ice cream, and seeing real mountains.

Then there were the embarrassing firsts – which I won’t share because if I do, this might be the last blog post I ever write.

It might sound like I’ve never lived before, but I rather like to think that I’m just new to life…….

and loving it.


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