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For those of you who guessed baby, you’re right!

I’m 12 weeks pregnant and just starting to get my baby bump.

So far, I’ve only had minimal “morning” sickness.  Other than being tired, I’m doing great!

Baby is due November 5th.


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What could make me gag at the thought of chicken, causes me use the bathroom 20+ times a day (according to my dear husband), and has me sleeping in until 10 most mornings?

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I found some organic pork bratwurst at the store and couldn’t resist.

It turned out to be a bit spicier than I had expected but was very good none the less.

Tyler and I have differing tastes as to what goes well with sausage.  We agree that mashed potatoes and stir-fried onions with garlic are excellent additions.  However, I am a staunch believer that you cannot have a German sausage without a pickled veggie. Lacking sauerkraut, I had to settle for pickled cukes.   I also thought cottage cheese and green beans went well.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our supper, each in our own way.


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The Daffodils are in full bloom.

The last of the Crocus:

And the beautiful apricot tree is clothed in all its splendor:

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First Spring Grass

The goats are now out on pasture for the day.

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Meet Molly

This is Molly.  She’s a Morkie (it’s the delightful result of crossing a Yorkie and a Maltese).

She looks pretty cute when she’s all fluffy.  But she can also look like this:

And currently she looks like this:  (she’s behind Lark, my other dog)

She’s good company and I love her very much.

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Baby lettuce mix:

And baby spinach:

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