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I like this lullaby. It is so simple and pretty.  I intend to sing it to my baby someday.

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New Goats

I decided to dry Kipper off and buy another goat to give us milk in the mean time.  I ended up getting three new goats.

First, I bought Izzy, a Lamancha/Nubian cross.  She looks so funny, but I like her.  I won’t be keeping her very long, but I will miss her when she’s gone.

Then a couple nice (actually, VERY NICE is more descriptive) Alpine yearlings came up for sale at Soldier Mountain Alpines.  I was only going to buy one but ended up bringing them both home.

Meet Glory:

Check out her udder!!!!!

And this is Flora:

And here is her lovely udder:

I can’t talk about goats without an update about Fiona and Layla.  They are both looking very pregnant and developing some nice little udders.

Fiona is due June 14th.

Here’s her cute little udder:

Layla is due just a week after her sister.

And here’s her growing udder:

It will be neat to see how their udders change after they’ve kidded.  I’ll update with more pics when that happens.

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