Kalee is definitely an ambitious little girl!   She mastered crawling at six months and took up walking at eight months!  Here she is during one of her first days as a toddler.  🙂


Goat Show!

Tyler, Kalee, and I went to the American Dairy Goat Association’s National Show.  It is a goat lover’s paradise.  There were lots and lots and LOTS of goats!   And all of them were very nice.  The whole show lasts a week, but we just went for the Alpine and Oberhasli show on Wednesday.

Here’s a pic of the Grand and Reserve champions, milkers and juniors. (You can click to enlarge.)

Soldier Mountain Alpines were showing too and did well.  Here are their girls:

Some more beautiful goats and udders:


One of my goats, Flora, kidded twin doelings while being boarded.  I had long ago decided (you can tell how bad I am about decisions) that I was NOT going to keep any of her kids this year.  However, when I saw pics of this little girl, I caved.

I can only have 5 goats total – four does/doelings and one buck.  So, I arranged to trade Flora for her baby.

I named her Amber.  Isn’t she pretty?  I LOVE her wattles!

Now my herd members are Glory and her two girls, Abby and Ashley,  my new buckling, Tesla, and of course, Amber.

Here’s a pic of Tesla just before I bought him from Soldier Mountain Alpines:


I’m sorry I’ve neglected my blog for so long.

We have moved to Colorado for the summer.  Tyler has a job here until October.

My goats are being boarded for me until I get back.   And my dogs are being cared for by Tyler’s parents.

I’m glad for the break from milking, but I do miss my girls.  I know they are in good hands, but it is soooo hard to let go, even temporarily.  On the other hand, I LOVE being able to spend so much more of my day giving attention to my baby and husband.

So much happened with Kalee the week of our move.  She learned to crawl, cut two teeth, and figured out how to pull herself to stand (with support from a chair, wall, legs, etc…).


Now that we’re well settled in, there will be lots more posts!



Fun Outside

Update on Kalee

This last month has been quite exciting with Kalee.  She has just about figured out crawling.  She scuttles around the whole living room now and gets into everything.

Then, this last week or so she has figured out how to sit all by herself!

I’m sooooo proud of her.

She also had her doctor’s check up and is growing great.  The only concern they still have is that she has a heart murmur that should have been gone, at the latest, a month ago.  They will check her again in two months.

Here are some pics from my computerless month: